Everything you wanted to know: why and how it was born


First at all, we welcome you. We are really glad that you are reading this post.

We announce that Riplove.world is officially born: it’s the “place” where we can remember our worldwide Faithful Friends.
You might be curious about when the idea has had its beginning and how it has been developed.
Well, the wait is over!

The idea has been running through a friend’s mind for a long time, but it got materialized only in October 2016, during a wonderful sunny afternoon.
Two distant friends were having a phone call, speaking about  things of an ordinary life. During that conversation, an idea came into their mind: why not creating a “virtual cemetery“ or a “place” where we can remember our “Creatures”?

It took some weeks to find the right name for this “place”. Finally, we thought that no name would have been better for it: RIP +LOVE+WORLD.

On the other side, choosing  the logo has been much more long and challenging.
We spent many days thinking and thinking again, while in our minds there were no ideas. One day, while we were walking along the lakeshore, we saw some locks attached to a railing and that was the moment the inspiration came!
A padlock with two arches and an hole for the key.

A perfect representation of  the Man+Creature’s affection.

logo riplove

An arch represents the man and the other arch represents the Creature.
The key’s hole means that just us we can decide to open the lock and so break away from the Creature.

That’s all; we are convinced that you have fully satisfied your curiosity.


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