What is Riplove?

Our intense love for animals prompted us to create the world’s first virtual animal cemetery.
Thus Riplove was born, to remember the Creatures that have been part of our lives and that we do not want to forget.
True, many call them animals, but we have adopted the term Creatures, it seems better to us.

Memories can sometimes hurt us, but it is not right to forget them.
Riplove is free and does not require registration to add a Creature, we are not interested in your personal information.
Riplove is a serious project with no tricks or hidden things.

Also, there will never be an opportunity for user interaction; feelings do not need comments and should be respected!

I am Massimo Scolari, the creator of Riplove, the world’s first Creature cemetery.

You can contact RipLove by writing to: contact@riplove.net