What is RipLove?

RipLove is the world’s first virtual animal cemetery, free and without registration.

It was my intense love and gratitude for these wonderful creatures that gave me the strength to start this project.
In a difficult period of my life only my dogs were always there for me, to comfort me in moments of intense physical pain. That is why I decided to create an exclusive space to be able to remember the Creatures who are no longer with us and whom we do not want to forget.

RipLove is free and does not require registration to add a Creature; I am not interested in people’s information.
RipLove is an open source project, serious, no advertising, no tricks or hidden things.

If you want to help me improve it, please write to: contact@riplove.net.

Riplove is dedicated to creatures who are victims of human exploitation and cruelty.

My name is Massimo Scolari and I am the creator of RipLove.net

Massimo Scolari


(If you are still stuck in grief over the loss of your Creature, I recommend reading the article “Let go of the pain and stop crying.”)